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    • 0.Overview of Methods and Models 2017.pdf View Download Handout from the Overview of Models Video
    • 1.QGIS Intro BurkeyAcademy Download Download this to play along with the QGIS Intro 1 Video!
    • 2.0 QGIS Create Custom Spatial Data Download QGIS Intro 2: Files to follow along with GIS Intro 2 (Creating a custom spatial data set) Video!
    • 2.1 NCVA CO Variables Download From QGIS Intro2: The final shapefile from Creating a custom Spatial Data Set, in case you had any problems creating it. You'll need this folder for our future spatial stats/econometrics practice.
    • 3. Morans and Contiguity.xlsx View Download Excel file for playing around with Contiguity Matrices and Moran's I Spatial Correlation
    • 4. Making Spatial Weights.pdf View Download Words of advice and caution when making Spatial Weights matrices. We use GeoDa, and see what impact the weights matrix has on spatial correlations.
    • 5 GeoDa Regression.pdf View Download Doing a Spatial Regression Diagnostics in GeoDa, and why you shouldn't! We discuss some of the limitations of GeoDa- handout from the video.
    • BurkeyAcademy Spatial Regression CheatSheet 0.6.pdf View Download
    • knn in R.txt Download
    • R Spatial 1 Download SHP File with data with the shorter name, to use with R. Also includes and the commands used in R.
    • R Spatial Download Data files and Code for the First R Spatial Regression Video, where we run OLS, SLX, Lag Y and Lag Error Models.
    • R Spatial Download Data Files for the Second Spatial Regression Video, including the Mother of all R Spatial Econometrics Handouts!